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    Reading a Basic North American Part Drawing

    Reading a Basic North American Part DrawingOur prior AirCorps Library blog post explained the methodology behind North American Aviation’s part numbering system. This week, we will examine the science behind reading and understanding a simple individual part drawing. AirCorps Library has a plethora of North American Aviation resources including engineering drawings, manuals, and specifications for the P-51 Mustang, AT-6 Texan, T-28 Trojan, and B-25 Mitchell.   Read More...

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    North American Part Numbering System

    At AirCorps Library and AirCorps Aviation we geek out and obsess about part number methodology. Some WWII producers had no apparent numbering system, while others established organizational systems that unleash a wealth of knowledge simply by understanding their unique systems. North American Aviation scaled up production in under 100 days for the P-51 Mustang and also built the B-25, AT-6, manufacturing numerous variants of each during WWII.   Read More...

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    What is AirCorps Library?

    AirCorps Aviation is a multi-faceted organization that continues to branch out into new and exciting endeavors. Frequent and first time visitors to aircorpsaviation.com can see some of the larger and flashier projects that we have going on in the shop on any given day. However, there is a newer, and lesser known addition to the AirCorps scope of services that benefits subscribers around the world.   Read More...

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    Who are Eva & Edith - The Search Begins

    **Updated 2/1/17 - Upon thorough inspection of the recovered wing panel containing Eva & Edith's signatures we've determined the wing was built by the Curtiss-Wright Company in Buffalo, NY.Based on our research, due to wartime demand Republic Aviation licensed Curtiss-Wright to build P-47G models that were nearly identical to the Republic Aviation P-47D razorbacks built in Evansville, Indiana.The body (fuselage) and many of the components of the P-47D aircraft being restored by AirCo...  Read More...

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    An Artwork Legacy Lives On

    Noel Allard has been known for decades in the warbird and legacy aircraft world for the quality and precision of his aircraft markings. AirCorps Aviation has established itself as a world-class restorer of warbird and legacy aircraft. In spring 2016, AirCorps Aviation was excited to announce the opportunity to carry on Noel’s legacy by acquiring his Decals-Data Plates business and launching AirCorps Art.   Read More...

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    North American T-28 Trojan

    In the ongoing quest to bring AirCorps Library users new information and resources, we are pleased to announce that the T-28 Trojan microfilm and manual collection are now live and ready to view. This collection of over 15 thousand parts drawings, and 9 manuals currently is a great addition to AirCorps Library, giving our users access to information on one of the longest serving, and most widely used warbirds in America and beyond.The T-28A was originally developed by North American Aviation for...  Read More...

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