3D Scanning Testimonials

A common reason the part is impossible to make is because the part was made by craftsmen using techniques or machinery that are just as rare. Utilizing Aeroscan’s 3D scanning services, we can now digitally model these complex parts, drawn with a slide rule on pencil and paper, very accurately and efficiently. With this scanner we can combine the best of both the factory drawings and the actual dimension of an original part to make a replacement part that truly fits.

Erik Hokuf
General Manager, AirCorps Aviation

Given an original sample part that was bent and corroded along with some archive drawings from 1940 Aeroscan created beautiful accurate solid models and 3D printed parts. Supplied with these models and printed parts we are able to physically test fit and function. This is an extremely valuable step in the process of reproducing non existent parts and assures that the newly manufactured parts will fit and perform as well or better than the originals.

Geoff Stevenson
Dynamic Systems Engineering