Legacy Aircraft Parts


When parts are needed and clients have none available we are able to check availability or convert to alternate part numbers.


We can quickly provide a quote and availability of parts by searching our extensive inventory of parts in stock and our database covering years of parts acquisition.


Our vast network of vendors worldwide and inventory management search software we are able to locate the seemingly impossible part.


By quoting, acquiring, and processing requested parts everyday we can deliver customers high quality parts quickly and efficiently.

What We Do

The AirCorps Parts Team specializes in acquiring, selling, and managing a wide range of legacy & warbird aircraft components. Our range of capabilities, active inventory of parts, and ability to source rare components has been evident in the award winning restoration work AirCorps is known for. Customer service and forging long term relationships has established AirCorps as a conduit to customers worldwide. Whether we send you a bag of nutplates, a complete hardware kit, or a PMA produced component you can be assured you are working with a premier provider.


  • AirCorps Depot parts marketplace 
  • Have acquired & located 6,000 part numbers
  • Overhauled accessories available on AirCorps Depot
  • New surplus components
  • New old stock components, hardware, instruments, NOS parts
  • New production rivets to WWII specs and finishes
  • New old stock WWII drop tanks

Parts Management

  • AirCorps Parts stocks an active and growing inventory of parts and provides the service of locating components.
  • Part Locating Specialists
  • Parts Inventory Management
  • Parts Sales / Consignment Sales

Consumable Products

Benefits of AirCorps Parts

Expertise: experienced team that is locating and selling parts everyday in the legacy / warbird aircraft markets. Grand Champion restorations have guided our comprehensive understanding parts acquisition.

Customer Service: client relationships are rooted in our knowledge of being both an world class restorer of aircraft, consumer, and by supporting outside customers. Our interactions are relationship driven, long-term, and valued.

Capabilities: services are wide ranging and encompass small sales through transactions covering thousands of unique part numbers. We serve customers worldwide by filling their requests in locating, delivering, and managing their parts acquisition.

Consistency: having purchased thousands of parts from thousands of vendors we know what works and what doesn’t. We deliver parts organized and labeled professionally that integrate seamlessly into a shop setting.

Portfolio of Resources: our growing library of of original vendor and manufacturer resources allows us to quickly access rare technical data important to the acquisition, delivery, and potential reproduction of components.

Honoring Techniques & Methods: our team understands and embraces manufacturing techniques of vendors not in business today. We strive to reproduce that historic look while balancing the cost and efficiency afforded by modern technologies.

We Carry Rare WWII Parts

Parts Management

We can locate and source hard to find parts.

We have 20,000 part numbers in stock!

New surplus components

New production rivets to WWII specs

WWII head markings and finish

New old stock WWII drop tanks

New old stock components, hardware, instruments, NOS parts

View all of our available in-stock parts at the AirCorps Depot!

AirCorps is also a North American Distributor and sell
EFS2500 Paint Stripper & Blue Gold Aircraft Cleaner

Part Location Specialists

Parts Inventory Management

Parts Sales/Consignment/Purchasing