Reverse Engineering

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We work with you to identify your problem and define how 3D scanning can be applied to the project whether it is reverse engineering, inspection, or measuring to name a few.


Through the use of our portable 3D laser scanner we can take live, full 360 degree scans of parts or even entire aircraft keeping accuracy to within .001 of an inch.


Through conversion of the 3D scan data to a 3D CAD model that exactly replicates the form of the object we can create file types necessary for any process of fabrication.


See Fabrication Capabilities With the accurate CAD model generated from the scan there are virtually limitless options for replicating the part quickly, accurately and efficiently.

What We Do

AirCorps Aviation Reverse Engineering uses state-of-the-art technology that allows for accurate scans of parts, both big and small, that can be used for the fabrication of new parts and inspection of original parts. Our process saves both time & money, and produces highly accurate results compared to traditional methods.

  • Outside contour development
  • Parts reproduction lacking dimensional drawings
  • Preservation recording
  • Quality control
  • Damage assessment
  • Aircraft dimensional tolerance and straightness
  • Part reproduction
  • Propeller blade inspection
  • Corrosion inspection
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Stefan Hokuf  |  218-444-4478, ext.121

Aeroscan 3D Reverse Engineering

3-D Scanning

We can all think of parts that are needed for restoring and maintaining our vintage aircraft that seem to be unobtainium and impossible to make. A common reason the part is impossible to make is because the part was made by craftsmen using techniques or machinery that are just as rare. With the addition of the 3D scanner to AirCorps Aviations machinery list, we can now digitally model these complex parts, drawn with a slide rule on pencil and paper, very accurately and efficiently. With this scanner we can combine the best of both the factory drawings and the actual dimension of an original part to make a replacement part that truly fits.

Benefits of Portable 3D Scanning

 No Rigid Setup Required

The part and scanner can be moved freely during scanning. Take it from place to place or use it inhouse or on site.


 Virtually limitless 3d scanning – no matter the part size, complexity, material or color.

Metrology-Grade Measurements

Accuracy of up to 0.0012 in., resolution of up to 0.002 in., high repeatability and traceable certificate.


No external positioning system, no arms, no tripod or fixture.

 Automatic Mesh Output

Model generation, right as you complete acquisition for realtime visualization of what is scanned.