Stearman Move Complete- 7 days – 435,000 lbs of parts packed and loaded


We are proud to announce the completed packing and move of the Dusters and Sprayers Stearman inventory in Chickasha OK to Bemidji, MN. We accomplished this move in seven days over the past week. Work started on Friday May 31st, and we headed home on Friday June 7th. The final of the 13 truckloads was unloaded on Monday June 10th.
We need to start by acknowledging Tim, Laci, and Kay at Dusters and Sprayers who worked right alongside us. Caleb, Steve and the Radial Engines Ltd guys sorted and moved a mountain of engines and incredible parts. Our AirCorps team worked 12+ hr days through 90 degree heat & rain. You can’t do that much work if you don’t have exceptional people & a well coordinated effort. 
This deal culturally will be what we measure other parts acquisition opportunities to. That was our hope & intent. The values shared between the three companies aligned and created a special synergy and attitude.
While our bodies feel like we finished a rugby match, we couldn’t have asked for a better effort from all involved.
Now the work begins to unpack and organize.



7 Days – 25 different people assisting – 1006 hours of labor

Organizing, Packing, Loading – 12+ hour days, 90 Degree heat & rain

40,000+ square feet of buildings cleared

The main buildings, machine shop, and wood shop were all cleared of inventory, equipment & tooling

435,000 lbs of freight to AirCorps Depot

This was just the Stearman projects, airframe, prop, accessories, Pratt & Whitney engine parts, tooling and equipment. There was probably another 200,000+ lbs of Lycoming, Jacobs, Wright engines and engine inventory that went to Radial Engines Ltd in Guthrie Oklahoma. 

13 semi box vans, and three truck / trailer loads

We started packing on May 31st, loaded the last truck one week later on June 7th, and the morning of June 10th we unloaded the last box van.

The motley initial moving crew for AirCorps Depot enjoying some of the Dusters swag - aprons, shirts, hats, belt buckles


Do you have the space?

We do, the photo to the left is a 200 foot long storage building adjacent to one of the fabrication / quality system buildings. The gaylord boxes from Oklahoma are two and three layers deep to the pallet racking and this doesn’t include all the equipment and tooling on the other side.  Similar to what we did with the P-51 part move, we will bring these Gaylord boxes into our AirCorps Depot main facility and replicate the order of the parts from Dusters & Sprayers. 

When can I get parts?

Right now our additional industrial racking and mezzanine is in transit. We suspect if we get racking in and up next week we can starting unpacking the nearly 200 gaylord boxes. The daily inventory, demanded by customers, is already in our parts facility and ready to unpack. We have 70 people at AirCorps so we can pull in labor and move a lot of product quickly.

How do I get an order in

You can call us at 218-441-5854, email us, or order online on our AirCorps Depot website, though it will take some time to get those items listed online. We are working on some additional staffing to assure we can continue to serve customers while setting things up.


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