P-51D Twilight Tear

NameTwilight Tear

Twilight Tear is a war veteran P-51D-20, AAF serial number 44-63384. She was delivered to the 78th Fighter Group, 83rd Squadron at Duxford, England. This Mustang is restored in her original color scheme used by Pilot Lt. Hubert Davis, squadron code HL-W. Twilight Tear is named for a race horse famous at the time Pilot Lt Davis named her. The filly was 1944 Horse of the Year and is recognized in the Thoroughbred Hall of Fame.
Pilot Lt Hubert shot down three Luftwaffe fighters, 2 BF-109s and an Me 262, the world’s first turbojet to be used in combat.

She was awarded Warbird Grand Champion at Oshkosh in 2011. Twilight Tear is part of the extensive warbirds collection at Fagen Fighters Museum in Granite Falls, Minnesota.

  • P-51D-20-NA
  • North American General Assembly Number: 106-00002 (NA 122)
  • AirCorp Serial Number: 44-63864
  • Construction number: 122-31590
  • North American Aviation Ship Number: 705
  • Parts Usage Codes: E, F, FD
  • WWII Combat Markings: 8th Air Force, 78th Fighter Group,
  • 83rd Squadron, Code HL-W, Pilot Lt. Hubert Davis

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