Stefan Hokuf

Stefan Hokuf


Phone : 218-444-4478
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Stefan is the outside sales manager for build-to-print, or contract manufacturing work at AirCorps Aviation. Prior to this position, Stefan was primarily managing the 3D scanning and reverse engineering work for AirCorps. His past professional experience included sales in the fluid power industry and building design in commercial architecture. While different industries than aviation, the experiences gained in customer service, communication, CAD work, and project management have served well in his current role.

Stefan’s typical duties at AirCorps include receiving inquiries from clients who are interested in AirCorps’ array of fabrication capabilities. In addition, he works with his production team to develop quotes and deliverables that meet the expectations of clients’ needs.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and working on early Ford hot rods.
Stefan’s favorite part of his job is the variety of aircraft projects and aviation industries that he works with. One day it’s a business jet, the next it’s modern military, and the next a vintage or experimental aircraft. While the aviation industry is the same, the needs and requirements for the jobs can be different. Learning to navigate and make sure the deliverables are met is challenging and fun.