AirCorps Library – January Update to Members

We are ecstatic about the growing worldwide membership, press we received, & the remarkable number of contributions. What we added this week!

Thank you for becoming a member of AirCorps Library!

General Manuals

We added General Aircraft manuals to all AirCorps Library plans. These manuals cover a variety of  topics such as structural repair, materials, and maintenance. This particular category of manuals will grow considerably and will benefit all users of AirCorps Library. Thanks to Doug Rozendaal for the Aircraft Engineering for Pilots which he uses when teaching and instructing new warbird pilots.

What we are working on!

Bombers Plan

The B-17 film is proceeding as planned & should be completed in a few weeks, the Flying Fortress manuals are currently being scanned and added. This is the highest quality film we have ever processed.

Fighters Plan

Thanks to members of AirCorps Library like Conrad Huffsutler we can add resources like the FM-2 Wildcat film. After taking possession of this film it will be processed and added to fighters. Everyday we are scanning and adding fighter manuals.

Trainers Plan

We are working on adding the BT-13 which is ready for uploading to Library. This week the L-5 film was scanned, it should be completed in less than 2 weeks. We are working on a plan to add another large trainer, the T-28.

Fine tuning of the program

Thanks to excellent feedback we made changes such as the functionality of the back button which now, when clicked, remembers your original position in the search results. We are working on the print feature, and being able to search for manuals and documents within the program. Please keep providing your recommendations!

Features we want you using!

Add a Description

Not every drawing has a description, but you can add them quickly by simply clicking the edit button in the viewer and then entering the description in the popup.

Flag an Error

We aren’t perfect, if you see a mistake or if something doesn’t seem right, click the button and describe the error. It won’t take more than 30 seconds.

Some of our recent testimonials!

  • “Appreciate your dedication to preserving the archives of history.”

    Chad Ezell
    Ezell Aviation
  • “We have been using the AirCorps Library for a few weeks now and find it to be a fantastic addition to our resources! The way the drawings are organized and able to be searched saves tremendous time. You won’t be disappointed! It’s a must have for any shop or enthusiast. The program will certainly help bridge the resource gap many small shops have when trying to maintain vintage aircraft to the exacting standards needed for safe operation.”

    Michael Vadeboncoeur
    Midwest Aero Restorations & Warbird Pilot
The best testimonial is word of mouth & recommendations from our users.

How you can help!

If we have created something you enjoy & if you think others will benefit from using AirCorps Library, please help us to promote it.

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