Dakota Territory Air Museum P-47 Mounting the R-2800

-47 Mounting the R-2800
The Double Wasp is mounted on a stand as the QEC (or Quick Engine Change assembly) is completed.

Mounting the overhauled R-2800 is a major milestone in the restoration of P-47 42-27609. It nearly completes the visual impression of this largest single-engine WWII fighter.

The Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp R-2800 used in the P-47 is an eighteen-cylinder, double-row radial weighing approximately 2350 pounds. The cylinder bore is 5.75 inches and the piston stroke is 6 inches. The cylinder volume swept by all 18 pistons combined is 2804 cubic inches.

For a rough analogy of the sheer size of the cylinders, consider that at 155.7 cubic inches (or 2.55 liters,) each cylinder displaces slightly more than the entire standard 4 cylinder engine in a Toyota Camry or Ford Fusion.

Here is a time-lapse of the engine mounting process taken by Mark Adams in the restoration shop

The installation of the overhauled R-2800 brings P-47D-23RA 42-27609 ever closer to its first flight in 78 years. Everyone here at AirCorps Aviation is excited for that event, to say the least!

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