There are stories so compelling that, after hearing, one can’t put out of mind. Destiny serves as the only explanation for the Finding Loren puzzle pieces coming together while the narrative unfolds. Volunteers worlds away, chance circumstances, and years of research have lead a WWII pilot’s grandson and family to locate the site, remains, and aircraft where his grandfather was killed in action.

AirCorps Aviation of Bemidji, MN is honored to assist in the relay of the poignant life story and service of 1st. Lt Loren Hintz who was killed in action flying a P­47 Thunderbolt fighter over Italy on April 21, 1945. Finding Loren is the story of a common man, compelled to serve his country, who gave the ultimate sacrifice just days from victory in Europe celebrations (VE Day). Loren Hintz wasn’t a fighter ace, but his life and devotion to his country deserve the same recognition; we honor him by preserving his legacy.

Our team will also bring to light the experiences of Loren’s wife, Gert, who was raising a young daughter (while pregnant with the couple’s second child) upon learning of Loren’s death. Gert never remarried, but spent her life building a strong family, working hard in service to her community, and honoring Loren’s legacy. Finding Loren will also extend beyond Loren’s journal and writings to delve into the firsthand testimony and accounts of extended family, friends, and fellow service members whom Loren touched throughout his life.

Hans Wronka, Lt. Hintz’s grandson and a resident of Duluth, MN, has embarked on an epic 12­ year journey with his family, as well as a team of Italian WWII aviation enthusiasts and archaeologists, to decipher military records, maps, and statements, in relation to the current landscape, to confidently identify Lt Hintz’s crash site. Community members and landowners are prepared for the excavation planned for late July, 2016. To evaluate the site and confirm the location, geophysics has been employed and has positively identified the presence of a large metallic object several meters below the surface.

Beginning July 10th, AirCorps Aviation will tell the story of Finding Loren through a variety of media. The journey will take the follower through the Italian countryside, Loren’s life and writings, recent interview videos and first­hand experience audio, as well as an insider’s look into the historical documents and resources that showcase the stories of those who lived through the occupation and liberation of Italy. Hans and the excavation team will take the world through the site, community, and experience.

Ultimately, the story will build up to the July 23rd excavation of the crash site in the Italian countryside in which AirCorps will take part. The team of over 200 volunteers will assist in the effort to examine the findings from the site and tell the story of 1st Lieutenant Loren Hintz in countless languages.

Members of the media are welcome to contact us for more information. Contact: Sara Zimmerman ­saraz@aircorpsaviation.com ­ 218­-444­-4478

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