John’s Sonex, a Busman’s Holiday

Homebuilt Sonex
John Gregory’s completed homebuilt Sonex.

The British have an idiom called a busman’s holiday. It means a vacation that involves the same activities one does while at work because in the early days of the twentieth century, if a bus driver went on holiday, he probably rode a bus.  That idiom from across the pond is a good descriptor of several aviation projects that are in progress or have been completed by some of the folks who work at AirCorps Aviation.

One good example of a busman’s holiday is AirCorps Aviation component specialist John Gregory’s build of a Sonex kit plane.  The Sonex is described by the manufacturer as “a basic and economical, easy to build, all metal two place monoplane.” 

The people who work at AirCorps Aviation all have a passion for flying and planes, so it is no surprise that many of them are pilots and some have aviation projects of their own.

If you have a similar passion for aviation, contact AirCorps Aviation at 218 444-4478 or check out the employment page on our website.

There are usually several job openings and internship opportunities open on the website. Some require aviation experience and/or an A&P/IA  license, but most job openings do not. A passion for aviation,  a good work ethic, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to quality and craftsmanship are strong qualifications for many of the jobs that open up at AirCorps Aviation.

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