November/December Dakota Territory Air Museum P-47 Update

P-47: Wings
Randy has been working on the flap hinges.


Finishing details on the wings, gear doors, and control surfaces continued this month. Fuselage work included the cockpit enclosure, empennage fairings, turbosupercharger assembly, and permanently attaching the tail surfaces.


Gear Doors

Each gear door is designed in two pieces to allow for the shortening of the main landing gear legs as they retract.

Rudder and Flaps


The flaps, ailerons, elevators, and the rudder are the last large components of the P-47 to be assembled.


Cockpit Enclosure



Work continues on fabricating the cowl as time for installation of the restored engine nears.

WWII Advertisements for the P-47

P-47 U.S Army Poster
Official U.S Army poster for the P-47

Republic Aviation Advertisements

This March 1941 ad is a very early example, since the first P-47 test flight (the XP-47B) did not take place until May 6, 1941.

It interestingly emphasizes an order for 773 P-47s that had been signed in September of 1940, basically a case of ordering the new fighter right off the drawing board before a flying example existed.

Subcontractor’s P-47 Related Ads

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