Ester Aube

Ester Aube


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Ester Aube is the manager of the AirCorps Library website. She received her Bachelors of Science from the University of Delaware in 2014 with a degree in Art Conservation and Art History. Her schooling, coupled wIth an additional background in museum work, gives Ester a unique viewpoint concerning both the historical nature and physical fragility of the resources on the AirCorps Library website. She is not only excited to build the functionality of the website by acquiring new materials, but is also passionate about preserving the history that goes along with them.

Ester understands that preserving World War II aviation materials has reached a critical stage. One generation from now, all first-hand knowledge related to World War II will be gone, making the short time we have left with our WWII vets incredibly important. Ester’s goal is to incorporate, preserve, and honor the legacy left by the “Greatest Generation”.

“AirCorps Library is an exciting venture because it is dynamic, we not only provide valuable information that helps the restoration and Warbird industry, but I also get the sense of pride knowing that we are preserving this information for future generations. Coming from a museum background, it is refreshing to be able to share our wealth of information with our members, rather than archiving it into a basement. My goal of sharing our resources with the world, while preserving them, means that every day is meaningful and fulfilling!” – Ester Aube