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AirCorps Library is a collection of WWII and legacy aircraft resources delivered to users through an innovative platform designed for online viewing. The searchable drawings and blueprints, as well as design, flight, maintenance and restoration manuals, are all quickly accessible at high resolution. Both the research work and effort to continually organize resources and information to improve their world class restorations led AirCorps Aviation to establish this library of hosted resources. Now others can benefit from their work!

The goal of the program is to provide a cost effective system for users to share resources that will help promote, preserve, and keep WWII and legacy aircraft safely flying through the 21st century.

The program was entirely conceptualized and created by the team of AirCorps Aviation, developer David Hatfield (Hatfield Systems Design), and Evolve Creative.

The aviation community has already fallen in love with AirCorps Library! Scroll down to see what others are saying in our social media feed & testimonials.


Stories from Our Users

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    Design Engineer Talks about AirCorps Library

    Briefly tell us about yourself & love of warbird aircraft / Inventor/ Fusion 360>  I fell in love with warbirds at a young boy.  My father spent 28 years in the Navy maintaining and crewing classics like the F6F Hellcat, TBM Avenger, F4U Corsair, and P2V Neptune.   He taught me a love of aviation and classic aircraft that has stayed with me most of my life.   Read More...

  • What manuals we currently need

      AirCorps Library was built with a community of shared knowledge and resources in mind. The resources will never fully grow to full potential without contributions from members.  We are missing some manuals from our core set of manuals available for each aircraft. All members would benefit if a high quality original manual or scan of an original would be contributed.   Read More...

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    AirCorps Library wins MN Idea Competition!

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AIRCORPS LIBRARY WINS MN IDEA COMPETITION! Bemidji MN – AirCorps Library Wins Minnesota Idea Competition, April 24, 2016. AirCorps Aviation LLC of Bemidji, Minnesota is proud to be chosen as a winner of the 2016 IDEA Competition for its innovative online platform AirCorps Library.   Read More...

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    AirCorps Library - January Update to Members

      Thank you for becoming a member of AirCorps Library!   We are ecstatic about the growing worldwide membership, press we received, & the remarkable number of contributions.    What we added this week!   Read More...

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    What people are saying about AirCorps Library

      "We have been using the B-25 information and quickly learned that we can instantly find things in 15 or 20 seconds that with our micro film rolls would have previously taken 10 minutes. AirCorps Library is super fast & such a time saver. The quality of the digitized data , plus the ability to zoom in is fantastic." John Hopkins, EAA #763327 Manager, Aircraft Maintenance EAA "As a small part of the FG-1D 90250 Corsair for the Warbird Heritage Foundation, I was working with th...  Read More...

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    Flight simulator designer uses AirCorps Library to build accurate P-51 flight controls.

    How has the program & its resources helped you? Immediately I was able to begin drawing out parts in my cad software based on clearly legible measurements on the blueprints. I started by modeling the engine control panel, as it was a simple drawing of a basically two dimensional design.   Read More...

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"The effort AirCorps Aviation put in to scan and organize over 500,000 searchable drawings and manuals is nothing short of amazing and will be an invaluable asset for owners, operators, and enthusiasts alike."

Taylor Stevenson, Warbird Restorer & Warbird Pilot

"The thousands of resources within AirCorps Library will be critical to our efforts in keeping these historic aircraft maintained and operating safely."

Bernie Vasquez, Texas Flying Legends Director of Maintenance & Warbird Pilot

"What a fantastic resource for everyone from the casual hobbyist to restorers, best of all it is from a highly trusted source - AirCorps Aviation."

Bryan Darnell, Warbird Enthusiast & P-51C Redtail Rebuild Volunteer

"Simulator Flyers & cockpit builders are going to benefit from this site the most. More than anything, I think they just need to know that the site exists! They need to see the quality and ease of use first hand.
Immediately I was able to begin searching and drawing out parts in my cad software based on clearly legible measurements on the blueprints. I started by modeling the engine control panel, as it was a simple drawing of a basically two dimensional design. It was also the first thing I printed on my own 3d printer.
I hope to see anyone - hobbyists, collectors, aircraft owners/restorers, museums, and manufacturers begin to make their resources available. There is a good foundation here for something much larger."

Justin Kramer, Flight Simulator & 3D printing enthusiast

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