Engine Mount Bushing FAA-PMA P-51 Mustang

AirCorps P/NJ-1767-1-ACP Bushing
Engine Shock SupportFront & Rear for the P-51 Mustang engine mount
FAA-PMAApproved design and ready for install
Core ChargeNo Core charge required!
Original North American Aviation P/N102-31958-1 Lord Bushing Assembly
Engine Shock SupportFront & Rear

Signs that your Lord Mounts might be ready for replacement:

  1. Swollen or damaged rubber washers
  2. Ripped or cracked rubber core
  3. Excessive oil or fuel on the rubber
  4. Bent end plate washers
  5. Rubber core separating from the can
  6. Surface cracks in rubber core
  7. Examine spacers for crushing of ends, caused by excessive tightening torque on bolt