National Warbird Operator Conference

February 15-18, 2018 | Houston, Texas

NWOC focuses on the exchange of ideas and information concerning the safe operation and restoration of warbird aircraft. This unique educational conference offers programs to enhance pilot skill and knowledge, expand aircraft maintenance technician and restorer knowledge, develop awareness of medical and insurance facts, and address aircraft-specific topics to ensure continued flight for these unique historic aircraft.

Nestled in the Northwoods of Bemidji, Minnesota, AirCorps Aviation has transitioned from being a newcomer in the warbird industry to establishing themselves as a leader in detailed and period correct restorations of historic fighter aircraft. The team of 35 skilled and dedicated employees embraces a different style and embodies a new generation of creative gatekeepers who will be entrusted with the responsibility to keep these airplanes flying for future generations. Led by General Manager Erik Hokuf and partners Dan Matejcek, Mark Tisler, and Eric Trueblood, AirCorps has broadened its niche offerings to customers throughout the world  and built expertise in over 20 warbird types and variants.

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Featured Speaker: Cory Graff

AirCorps Aviation is honored to sponsor NWOC featured speaker Cory Graff. Cory is a noted historian, author and curator at the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum in Seattle Washington. Over the past two decades, Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum has been acquiring and rebuilding some of the world’s rarest and most iconic aircraft. Graff will share the histories of some of the more challenging of these rebuilds, including a Messerschmitt fighter found buried on a beach, a smashed Zero abandoned at a Pacific airfield, and a Hawker Hurricane discovered in a field in Canada. Once considered lost, each was brought back to life, and once again take to the skies. We can’t wait to learn and hear his experiences.

Recent & Current Projects

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Who to talk to:

AirCorps Aviation has believed in the goals and purpose of NWOC bringing industry minds together to network and learn. Our AirCorps Aviation employees in attendance will be actively involved and engaged throughout the conference. Take a minute to stop by and introduce yourself and learn about the capabilities and services our team proudly offers!

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Finding Loren

Join us at Warbirds in Review to hear the incredible story of volunteers worlds away, chance circumstances, and years of research have lead a WWII pilot’s grandson and family to locate the site, remains, and aircraft where his grandfather 1st. Lt Loren Hintz was killed in action. Finding Loren is the story of a common man, compelled to serve his country, who gave the ultimate sacrifice just days from victory in Europe celebrations (VE Day). The story builds up to the July 23, 2016 excavation of the crash site in the Italian countryside in which AirCorps played a vital role.