It was quite an exciting day when the P-51 pulled up on two trucks. It arrived in Bemidji around 10am on Monday morning. The team is honored to start the next chapter for Sierra Sue II.

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  1. Karl A. Shidler

    Looks like Sierra Sue II made it to her new home OK. We will miss her at Austin. As a tenant at the Austin airport one of my favorite pastimes was to give folks a short walk around tour of Sierra Sue II…especially the younger kids.

    BTW: I enjoyed watching her come apart and have a set of pictures I took as she was disassembled and would be happy to forward them to you if you’re interested……..let me know. Karl

  2. Ed Wells

    Glad to see she made it safe and sound. Everyone in Austin will miss having her around but are looking forward to seeing her be rebuilt. I have seen some of the work Eric has done and it will be AWSOME when you are finished .

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