Spring 2024 Cadet Air Corps Museum AT-10 Wichita Restoration Update

It appears that the ground crewman is adjusting the flaps on an AT-10 in this great color image from WWII.


These past few months, most of the work on the AT-10 was done on the cockpit section, the main fuselage, and the vertical fin.

A major milestone was achieved when the cockpit section was mounted to the main fuselage.



Work on the fuselage included attaching handholds and footsteps. Once that was done, the two main sections of the fuselage were prepared for fitting together.

Vertical Fin

Project manager Aaron Prince finished the internal structure of the vertical fin. Once that was complete, he had to cut and form the skins to conform to the curved section of the fin. Especially challenging was the compound curvature near the top of the rudder.

It is great to see the main fuselage with the tailcone, fin, and rudder in place.

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Uncle Sam

We are constantly looking for new technical material related to the AT-10. Due to the rarity of this aircraft, and the relatively low number that were produced, acquiring parts catalogs, maintenance manuals, and other documentation has been much more difficult than with our past restorations. If you have any AT-10 material, or know someone who does, we’d like to hear from you!

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