Bush Stearman May and Early June Update

May and early June have been busy times as the basic fuselage framework has been completed.  Flight control systems have been installed ready for connection to the rudder, elevator, and ailerons once the wings and tail assemblies are added. The seats were refurbished and many small parts had the zinc chromate applied.

Skin panels for the section forward of the firewall have been fitted to the engine and mount that are on a stand.

Mark Tisler fitted the covering envelope for the fuselage with the help of Sharon Hokuf. Careful shrinking of small area after small area was necessary to keep the seams straight. The tightened covering  looks great.

Work continued on the wing tank, connecting the various fittings.  The wing center section and the ailerons received their coat of yellow. It is always exciting to see parts of an airplane with the final finish applied, ready to be installed as their time comes.

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