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by Chuck Cravens

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The P-47 fuselage fixture is a major project in itself!


Parts fabrication and creation of a suitable dead-straight fuselage fixture are the current focal points this month as they have been for a while now.  A P-47 has about three times as many parts as a Mustang!

Fuselage Parts Fabrication

Original parts used to make up the main fuselage longeron assembly and the cross tie between the wings.

In the image above, to the left are the top forward longeron reinforcements which end up positioned where the longeron meets the firewall. The middle, shorter pieces, called the firewall extensions, attach to the forward side of the firewall. The firewall is between them and the longeron reinforcement forging. Finally, the parts on the right are all made from the same basic forging, but are 6 distinctly different parts that are used to reinforce and connect the longeron with the cross ties.

Fixture Creation

Assemblies that will be used to form the fuselage fixture sit on a workbench.  These are positioned lengthwise at the parting line between the upper and lower fuselage and form the rear inward curve of the fuselage just ahead of the tail cone.


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