AirCorps Aviation added to General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA)

AirCorps joins more than 120 of the world’s leading manufacturers of general aviation airplanes and rotorcraft

Bemidji, MN (December 1st, 2021): AirCorps Aviation announced today that they have become a member of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). 

“I can say for everyone at AirCorps Aviation, we are very proud to be a member of this premier organization,” stated Erik Hokuf, General Manager of AirCorps Aviation. “Our team has made amazing strides in positioning AirCorps for the future. Over the past ten years, we have continued our globally recognized WWII aircraft restoration work, while successfully developing a number of strategic investments in Build to Print fabrication, and Repair Station work.”

“To support these services and fabrication, we have made significant improvements in our range of fabrication capabilities, design, and engineering,” he added. “In addition, our recent facility expansion improves our throughput and supports on-time-delivery to customers.”

“Now is the right time to put AirCorps in the position to use our global audience and reputation to become stronger stewards to the industry that we all love,” said Hokuf. “To me, being a good steward starts with supporting our customers with high-quality products – we’re very good at that. But, going forward, we want to become advocates for our industry and be actively involved in initiatives and legislation that will shape our collective futures.”

GAMA is an international trade association representing over 100 of the world’s leading manufacturers of general aviation airplanes and rotorcraft, engines, avionics, components and related services. GAMA’s members also operate repair stations, fixed based operations, pilot and maintenance training facilities, and manage fleets of aircraft. GAMA exists to foster and advance the general welfare, safety, interests, and activities of the global business and general aviation industry. This includes promoting a better understanding of general aviation manufacturing, maintenance, repair, overhaul, and the important role these industry segments play in economic growth and opportunity. In addition, GAMA serves critical transportation needs of communities, companies, and individuals worldwide. For more information, visit GAMA’s website at

Reproduction airframe parts
Falcon Jet Instrument Panel
AirCorps has recently combined it's machine shop and forming shop into one facility.

AirCorps Aviation is world renowned for its historical aircraft restorations. Our specialized capabilities and project experiences have developed departments that now provide aircraft integrations, modifications, and repairs as outside services to the larger aerospace industry.  Adherence to an FAA PMA Quality System, a broad range of metal forming & machining capabilities, and exacting detail are evident in the award-winning work for which AirCorps is known.

For more information about AirCorps and our fabrication services specifically, visit our website page:

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