Fall 2023 Cadet AirCorps Museum AT-10 Wichita Restoration Update

AT-10 Training
Pilots in multi engine training needed to develop skill in formation flying to prepare for missions in bombers and transport aircraft. AT-10s were a perfect trainer for these much needed skills.


We are pleased to report that the AirCorps Aviation restoration techs resumed work on the AT-10 project for Cadet Air Corps Museum this fall. The rudder pedals, forward fuselage, elevators, and vertical fin are all assemblies that received attention. Several employees made a trip down to Sam Grave’s place in Tarkio, Missouri to pick up some original parts and assemblies for possible use in the restoration.


Work continued on preparing the wooden portion of the fuselage for another coat of protective varnish. A new removable nose section is under fabrication in the restoration shop

Rudder Pedal Assembly

All the component parts of the rudder pedal assembly have been inspected and restored where necessary. Once that process was completed, Aaron began assembling those parts.

Vertical Stabilizer

Remarkably, an unused new old stock vertical fin was obtained for the AT-10 restoration.  Though new, the skin had to be removed to thoroughly inspect the fin for ravages of time that could have occurred over the 81 years since it was built. Assemblies like this sometimes tell us their story from the marks, dates, and messages the factory workers leave behind inside the structure. That was true in this case, as Aaron found marks that indicate this fin was built by the Globe Aircraft Corporation rather than Beech. Globe built 600 AT-10s under contract. 

Another date from inside the vertical indicated the final inspection of the fin before covering was on December 5, 1942.

3:25 pm is the latest time marked inside the vertical. Other time inscriptions for 1:45 and 3:27 pm are also visible but don’t show up well in photographs.


Work on restoring the AT-10 elevators commenced this fall. 

Tarkio Trip

Mark Adams and Aaron Prince from the AirCorps Aviation restoration shop made the trip down to Representative Sam Grave’s place in Tarkio, Missouri to bring back original parts and assemblies that will be useful in the AT-10 restoration for the Cadet Air Corps Museum.

Want to Get Involved?

Uncle Sam

We are constantly looking for new technical material related to the AT-10. Due to the rarity of this aircraft, and the relatively low number that were produced, acquiring parts catalogs, maintenance manuals, and other documentation has been much more difficult than with our past restorations. If you have any AT-10 material, or know someone who does, we’d like to hear from you!

Be a part of helping the AT-10 return to the skies!
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Should anyone wish to contribute to the Cadet Air Corps Museum’s efforts, please contact board members Brooks Hurst at 816 244 6927, email at wingnutsflyingcircus@yahoo.com or Todd Graves, todd.graves@pobox.com. Contributions are tax deductible.

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  1. Looks exciting. Another resto that only you guys can do. Wish I was still doing the placards and data plates.
    I do a monthly newsletter for our MN Aviation Hall of Fame Board and I am hoping I can put a couple of these pictures in it, and follow up with more as you progress. I’ve got to see it at your shop next summer – hope I’m still welcome!

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