P-47: October/November Feature

P-47D-23 Razorback

The world's oldest flying and only Republic built razorback P-47D Thunderbolt recovered from jungles of Papua New Guinea returns to flight at AirCorps Aviation to honor Brigadier General William "Bill" Dunham, Commanding Officer of the 460th Fighter Squadron, 348th Fighter Group.

P-51C Lope’s Hope the 3rd Updates

A P-51C flown by Lt. Donald Lopez. Donald and Lope's Hope 3rd served in the China-Burma-India theater with the 14th Air Force, 23rd Fighter Group, 75th Squadron.

P-51D “Sierra Sue II”

Sierra Sue II is a World War II combat veteran P-51D-20NA. She was in very nearly original configuration at the beginning of the restoration. No "jump seat" behind the regular pilot seat has ever been installed. We believe the airframe was one of the most intact, original P-51s known.


The iconic symbol of Japanese aviation during WWII, a Navy Type Zero Carrier based fighter designed by Mitsubishi. Allies referred to the nimble and maneuverable fighter as "Zeke" while facing off against it in the China India Burma (CBI) Theater and throughout the Pacific.
Zero restoration by aircorps aviation


This particular Stearman N2S-1 Bureau Number 3347, Serial Number 75-1124 is one of five known to still exist that were flown by President George Herbert Walker Bush as a cadet in the Navy.
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