A unique opportunity to restore, repair, and overhaul aircraft systems and system components for historic WWII aircraft.
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P-47 Thunderbolt: Wing to Fuselage Attachment - AirCorps Aviation
The wings have been installed on the P-47 Thunderbolt WWII fighter. Take time to view this  composition of time lapse video, photography, and narrative of the precise wing to fuselage attachment. We invite you to follow along as the Dakota Territory Air Museum combat vet P-47 Thunderbolt takes another step toward retaking the skies.
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eva and edith signatures
**Updated 2/1/17 – Upon thorough inspection of the recovered wing panel containing Eva & Edith’s signatures we’ve determined the wing was built by the Curtiss-Wright Company in Buffalo, NY. Based on our research, due to wartime demand Republic Aviation licensed Curtiss-Wright to build P-47G models that were nearly identical to the Republic Aviation P-47D razorbacks...
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