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Latest Revision P-51D Manuals

Would you say you have a complete set of the required Mustang manuals? Probably not.
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AirCorps Aviation Repair Station

AirCorps Aviation Now an FAA Certified Repair Station

AirCorps Aviation, a leading aircraft restoration and fabrication company, based in Bemidji, Minnesota, is proud to announce approval and designation as Part 145 Repair Station #8ORR202D by the...
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Lope's Hope

Lope’s Hope 3rd, Warbird Grand Champion 2018

As far as is known, Lope’s Hope 3rd is the first P-51C restored to honor Mustangs serving in China.
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P-51 Mark on Maintenance - Landing Gear

Mark on Maintenance – P-51 Landing Gear Retraction Rod End Failures & Safety Spring Installation

Nobody wants to witness or participate in a gear up landing in a Mustang. It can easily be a $1,000,000 repair. And...
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Bush Stearman

Blue Skies and Tailwinds, George Herbert Walker Bush

On November 30, 2018, America lost the last President to have served in World War Two when George Herbert Walker Bush passed....
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Mark on Maintenance – P-51 Header Tanks

The P-51 Mustang header tank (P/N – 106-46002), is fitted immediately behind the propeller spinner and is connected to each cylinder head...
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On the Road Again

A November roadtrip with a van full of coworkers offered the opportunity for me to sprawl out on the floor of the...
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Preservation at Work: Digitizing at the Swift Museum

Just off highway 30 outside Athens, Tennessee, a well-informed individual can take the turn toward the McMinn County Airport and find themselves...
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Lunch & Lessons from the Past

A sunny Friday drive to Duluth this spring allowed many of us here at AirCorps the distinct pleasure of having lunch with...
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wing fairing on stretcher

Stretching Your Wings (well not exactly…)

The members of our Fabrication team are experts in re-creating WWII-era aircraft parts through a variety of techniques. They often combine modern...
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pivot shaft

Mark on Maintenance – P-51 Landing Gear Pivot Shafts

Popping across town to the hangar often feels like a field trip: there’s always something cool to see and someone wearing wings...
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