north american part numbering system

North American Part Numbering System

At AirCorps Library and AirCorps Aviation we geek out and obsess about part number methodology. Some WWII producers had no apparent numbering...
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aircorps library

What is AirCorps Library?

AirCorps Aviation is a multi-faceted organization that continues to branch out into new and exciting endeavors. Frequent and first time visitors to...
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eva and edith signatures

Who Are Eva & Edith – The Search Begins

**Updated 2/1/17 – Upon thorough inspection of the recovered wing panel containing Eva & Edith’s signatures we’ve determined the wing was built...
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AirCorps Art Water Placards-sq

An Artwork Legacy Lives On

Noel Allard has been known for decades in the warbird and legacy aircraft world for the quality and precision of his aircraft...
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North American t-28 trojan

North American T-28 Trojan

In the ongoing quest to bring AirCorps Library users new information and resources, we are pleased to announce that the T-28 Trojan...
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Delivering a True Time Savings: 3D Laser Scanning For Aviation

Have you ever stepped back at the end of a project and wondered if there would have been an easier way? Considering...
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rivets to clips

From Rivets to Retaining Clips

Employees and affiliates of AirCorps Aviation spent the early weeks of December 2016 conducting a massive inventory count update and system overhaul....
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Loren’s Full Story

Finding Loren: Man teams up with Bemidji company, volunteers to find grandfather’s plane and tell his tale Bemidji Pioneer – By Rachel Newville on Jul...
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